The therapies I offer are all aimed at the process of ‘individuation’. Individuation is a term used by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung to describe each individual’s life path to Self awareness.

The Self (the soul, the psyche) includes both conscious and unconscious parts. The Self is both the center of the psyche and also the entire psyche itself, it is all. Jung calls the Self the Archetype of totality and wholeness.

The Self is autonomous, not bound by time and space, and therefore the Ego has no control over the Self.

The Self guides us through life to our destiny. During the Jungian proces we will uncover the Self.  The Self, unlike the Ego, already knows our destiny. It is only when the Ego coincides with the Self that we become aware of it. It is part of the individuation process. The Ego must make way for the Self.

Individuation means ‘becoming who you really are’.

In Jungian in-depth therapy I work in blocks of 5 one-hour sessions, spread over a few weeks or months. Jungian therapy is a commitment to your Self, it is like a present that wants to be unpacked. This can be painful, but underneath the pain, or behind the shadow lie our potential. The Ego does not want to go beyond pain for obvious reasons, but the Self leads you no choice. The Self will keep on banging on your door until she’s heard.

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