Tarifs online & offline

Introduction session1 hourEuro 100,-
Jungian therapy 1 hour per sessionEuro 100,-
Family constellation 1 1/2 hourEuro 150,-
Dream analysis 1 hourEuro 100,-
Archetypal cards session (offline only)1 1/2 hourEuro 150,-
Price are invl VAT.

Trust the time & proces.

For information about the extent of reimbursement and by which health insurers, I refer to catvergoedbaar.nl

Disclaimer: Only individual and curative therapy is reimbursed and recognized by the professional organization.

Jungian Therapy, the process:

I am affiliated with the CAT organization and practice my profession according to the guidelines of the GAT professional code. For more information see: https://gatgeschillen.nl/beroepscode/

As a CAT therapist, I am connected to the Wkkgz complaint law and disciplinary law at GAT. GAT is a nationally recognized and fully independent Wkkgz disputes committee.

For more information about complaints procedure see: https://gatgeschillen.nl/