Due to a severe burn-out I ended up at Mireille through the HR manager. Over a period of about 8 months we had 8 very nice conversations that brought me a lot. In each session I learned a little more about myself. I now have a much better understanding of how I got into that burnout, how I function and where I get stuck. Because of these insights, I now deal with people and situations very differently and as a result, things are much better for me, both in business and in private life. The sessions with Mireille also gave me more attention to my spiritual side, I am also very happy with that! All in all, it was an intensive but above all valuable process. I feel happy again! “- Heleen

Mireille’s online coaching was very effective for me. Nice to be able to deal with the questions at your own pace. Mireille asks the right questions and knows how to stimulate thoughts and feelings. The result: an agenda still full, but much more peace of mind!”– A van der Horst

“Mireille helped me to make good contact with myself. I liked talking to her because I think she is neutral and objective. She asks critical questions, but not in an annoying way. It got me thinking. It is much more than just coaching and that has helped me enormously. Mireille looks at how you move and watches your breathing, and that worked very well for me because I tend to hyperventilate quickly.” – Charlotte

“Mireille knows how to create a trusted environment from genuine involvement. By using her intuition, her attention to the non-verbal, the ability to ask clarifying questions and to drop appropriate silences, she was able to contribute to peace and overview in my thinking and acting. – anonymous

For the first time in my life I feel that it is going to be fine, whatever is to come and that feels good.” – anoniem

Mireille has made so much input by means of constellation exercises, among other things, that the sessions with the psychologist have actually become superfluous. The psychologist tries to solve the problems too much at a thinking level, but Mireille works on e deeper more genuine level. I am genuinely very happy that Mireille came my way through my employer, I learned so much about myself and even though I am not there yet, I am sure I will enjoy this for the rest of my life!” – Janet

Balanced, knows what she’s doing, can guide you towards personal insights but also knows when to stop and let things go.” – Carol