Meet the man within

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. – CG Jung

The Animus, your bridge to the Self

An embodied experiential journey.

The modern woman has by definition a negative animus. That is because it is asked of her to be like men. Yet although she has a masculine energy the ‘man’ in her is not the same as the man out there. So how do we get to know the masculine in us? How do we transform it from something outside of us causing us often discomfort, if not trouble, to a part of us that we integrate and serves us to be who we are. If images of men around us do not resonate in you, how can we find a mirror in modern men?

In this program we will make a journey to become acquainted with the man inside (the animus) and learn how to use his power from within us.  Enabling you to integrate it in your daily life as an inner strength.  

Please find details of the program below.


Recognition of the Animus in the collective

The Animus is a powerful archetype. It is like the Anima, a bridge to the self. In this introduction we will introduce the power and meaning of archetypes in general and the animus specifically. What is the animus: in society, in art, in literature. You will learn to identify the animus in the collective.

Recognition of the Animus in the Self

After you have learned to identify the Animus as an ‘outside’ force that operates in the collective and as a projection in other people and figures, now you will learn to identify it in yourself and in a group. Individual work will be combined with partner and group work. 

Deep dive in the Animus

The Animus in mythology: how to identify and work with myth to get to know your animus. In this module we work with Goddesses who struggle with their animus. We work you through to identify your own myth and work with and get acquainted with the animus.

The destructive side of the Animus 

The animus in the body : embodiment of the animus in yourself and learning from each other. We take you deep into the womb, the mother energy, to guide, rebirth and nourish your animus.

The creative side of the Animus

The embodiment of the animus in ourselves. In this module you get to meet the trickster archetype. We will work with chakra’s and colours to meet the shape shifting power that resides in you and that is governed by your animus. Is your animus listening  to you or not yet? How to communicate with your animus?

The Animus coming to light

In this module we review the previous modules and integrate them through meditation and drawing. 

Integration of the Animus

How rituals can help you to practice relating with the animus. We will introduce rituals to integrate the animus in your daily life and you will create your personal ritual. We will close by celebrating and embracing the animus archetype.

For Whom: Women who wish to develop themselves personally and meet their inner strength.
Course take aways:
  • consciousness of the animus
  • shadow work
  • awareness inner voice
  • release of blockages
  • workbook including reference to evolve the animus
When: please contact us to book this program for your group
Teachers & Contact:

Bouchra Arbaoui

Jungian Analyst & Artist

+31 (0)6 4778 5487

Mireille Steenkamer

Jungian therapist

+31 (0)6 4120 5506