Mireille Steenkamer


Mireille Steenkamer “I guide you in unravelling unconscious messages”

How? through shadow work, dreamwork, phenomenology, constellations and images.

Why? To release hidden potential and unfold hidden treasures.

Self-realization: is the continuous movement between the Ego and the Self.

Inner images can connect us with our unconscious. Learning to understand our language of images we can analyse the in-depth message that lies within our depth. This inner message wants to be revealed by the Self. The first step to Self-realisation is the confrontation with the shadow. This is usually an uncomfortable and painful proces. Our ego or the ‘I’ wants to stay away from the inner pain. But what we frequently do not see is that we are already living in pain, think about stress, physical pain, emotional ourbursts, nightmares, trauma and anxiety to name a few. These are actually all messages from the unconscious and want to reveal something to you. What’s more painful: living with uncomfortable symptoms or going through discomfort and discovering its strength?

As a Jungian analyst / therapist and shamanic practitioner, I view every person as unique and having his / her own potential. In my practice I do not diagnose or label, I look at the strengths and possibilities. I work with the unconscious, through body, dreams, experiences, active imaginations, constellations and felt sense.

Purpose of Transpersonal therapy:

The Jungian way of working can be explained as phenomenology. Phenomenology is: that what appears before you and that what you perceive, has a message for you. The question that comes with it is: where does this phenomenology want to guide me to?

When experiencing emotional, mental and / or physical blockages (trauma), allowing what is, contributes to personal growth and wellbeing. 

It may sound contradictory, but in the contrary. Allowing essence, creates movement. Let me explain:

There are moments in our lives when we experience anxiety, anger or sorrow. We feel stuck and / or overwhelmed. In the beginning we tell ourselves ‘it’s nothing’ but the less attention we give to these regressive feelings, the bigger the anxiety, anger and / or sorrow will become. Our energy wants to tell us something about ourselves and our inner world. We need to go in-depth to understand the unconscious messages. 

Only then can we break the pattern that does not serve us.

Mental, emotional or physical complaints are almost always related to a lack of awareness of underlying, unconscious motivations or emotional blockage.

According to the Swiss Psychiatrist CG Jung, a trauma is a complex with too high emotional charge. In other words: the energy that wants to be lived is not lived and accumulates in our system. This subsequently causes physical complaints, restlessness and emotional blockages.  Mireille Steenkamer guides in raising awareness on these unconscious motives, to break patterns and unleash your potential.


Step 1
Introduction: The first meeting can consist of:
* Family constellation
* Dream analysis
* Archetype card session
* Journey through your chakras
* an open conversation
Duration 1 – 1 1/2 hours
Step 2
After the first meeting we start what Jung called the Small Therapy – this is about discovering the shadow. The shadow is that part of the psyche that is not visible and wants to become conscious.
Step 3
After the small therapy we continue with the big therapy. In this we go deeper into the shadow and look at the Animus (unconscious masculine in the woman) / Anima (unconscious feminine in the man). What wants to rise from the shadow to the light. 
Step 4
We have examined, perceived, thought about and felt the shadow. What does our intuition want to tell us about out shadow and what do we have to do to integrate these parts.

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Each session 1 hour and I charge Euro 100,- for a session. It cannot be said in advance how long an individual proces takes. By experience, after around 8 sessions an inner transformation is experienced.

The spirit is the life of the body seen from within. The body is the outward manifestation of the life of the spirit, the two being really one.” – Carl Jung.