Inner power animal

Mireille specializes in guiding you on a profound journey towards healing your soul and unlocking your true potential. She does this by using shamanic drums and active imagination. Mireille believes that every individual possesses an innate inner power, waiting to be discovered and harnessed. Her holistic approach combines ancient wisdom and modern techniques to facilitate deep healing and personal growth.

Through transformative sessions, she will guide you in exploring your inner world, uncovering the hidden aspects of your psyche, and reconnecting with your inner power animal. These sessions serve as a powerful catalyst for self-discovery, as you gain insights into your true essence and develop a stronger sense of self.

Healing trauma is a crucial aspect of personal development. Mireille understands that trauma can leave deep imprints on the soul, affecting various aspects of life. By utilizing innovative methods such as soul retrieval, active imagination and shamanic drumming, she helps heal the wounds of the past and restore balance to your being.

Whether you are seeking relief from emotional pain, looking to enhance your personal growth, or striving for a deeper understanding of yourself, Mireille is here to support you every step of the way. As an experienced Jungian therapist, she creates a safe and nurturing environment, allowing you to explore your inner world with confidence and trust.

Unlock your inner power, embark on a transformative journey, and experience profound healing of the soul. 

Your inner power animal awaits!