Mireille Steenkamer


About Mireille

My mission is to guide individuals on their path to self realization. Uniting the polarities within, unraveling unconscious messages, and breaking unwanted patterns are means to peel the mask our ego holds. I am passionate about guiding people to discover their essence, fostering personal growth, and supporting conscious choices in their lives.

I believe that everyone has a deep desire for self-realization, to live according to his or her inner soul’s destiny.

When we live from this inspired wisdom, we feel confident, happy, energetic, and creative. We then radiate these forces to our outside world.

What we experience inside, we reflect in the outside world and vice versa.

The story behind Mireille Steenkamer

As the youngest of four children, I grew up abroad due to my father’s work. After years in Hong Kong and Brussels, where I obtained my pre-university diploma, I pursued my passion for travel and chakras. While my career as a TV producer and later as an event manager was successful, my inner voice yearned for more meaning in life.

After a world trip and an intense experience in Chile, where my second child was born during an earthquake, I realized it was time for a change. Jung’s psychology appealed to me, and I resigned from my position as a senior event manager. My calling as a Jungian Therapist, guide, and Energy Healing expert began. My company emerged from the desire to guide others on their soul journey, with a specific focus on integrating Jung’s work with the unconscious and the power of nature.


a company that organizes workshops or retreats related to personal growth, self-knowledge and awareness that would benefit from the expertise of an experienced Jungian analyst?

an individual who has an inner desire to process your emotions, heal old wounds, learn valuable lessons from them, and discover your inner strength?

My values

I refrain from diagnosing

I avoid labeling

I embrace the inherent strength and potential within eacht individual

I have a holistic approach

The beginning of my practice was an inner calling. I was no longer happy in what I was doing and felt a deep desire to follow my soul destiny. The first step was to listen to this inner call. The second step was having the courage to do what was necessary to cross a threshold and take the step to give up those things that were not good for me. That was difficult mainly for my ego; my gut feeling knew that the movement was correct for myself. My body also indicated that I had to take a different path; I was very unhappy and depressed.

The movement created inner space for the new that wanted to unfold. My discovery was that life is a continuous process of development, what Carl Jung calls the individuation process. Studying Carl Jung’s psychology felt like a homecoming to me. I thought ‘hey, finally someone who understands me, someone who understands the deeper lying meaning of life. That the path of life is the individuation process’. As a guide, I continue to learn and evolve myself, and I pass that on, becoming more conscious and aware after each inner journey.

Shamanism was added in recent years. For me, shamanism is the teaching of nature, an ancient natural wisdom. What Carl Jung calls ‘archetype’, where Arche means ‘primal’ and it is about primal power; I found similarity in shamanism. For me, shamanism is the practice of the inner natural force guided by the wounded healer and runs parallel to the individuation process, a continuous process, sometimes painful and sometimes euphoric and everything in between.

I remember very well the moment when I thought, “Yes, this is what I have to do.” I worked in the corporate world. I completed a year-long program in family constellations and organizational constellations. I sat there among psychologists, physiotherapists, and myself, coming from the hotel management school.

I recall that during the first constellation I supervised during the training, it felt so natural to me. It struck me then, and I realized that this is what I have to do in this world. I felt like a fish in water working with the undercurrent. This is what I have to bring into the world: making the deeper layers visible in every person to become whole.

My ego thought, “I don’t have the correct degrees.” Practice shows that experience and going through the emotions bring about true transformation.